3D your 2D: Amazing New Wall Coverings by Zaha Hadid

Interior Design / Product Design / November 16, 2010

Architect Zaha Hadid takes the artistry of the highly conceptual, sculptural, and powerful architecture she is famous for and adds new dimension to an existing space (and it’s a lot cheaper than one of her actual buildings).  The four collections she has designed for leading Swiss wall-covering firm, Marburg Wallcovers’ Art Borders Series, are digital prints available up to 9 m wide and 3.3 m high.

Characterized by vivid, organic, and layered forms that are so full of depth and energy, you’re guaranteed to be mesmerized by the flowing composition of space they inhabit.

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John Colon

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3D your 2D: Amazing New Wall Coverings by Zaha Hadid