Tattoo: From Street Art to Fine Art

Books / December 29, 2010

Tattoos have come a long way from the markings of criminals, sailors and carnies. So much so that there are now distinct styles, celebrity ink slingers and unfortunately, reality TV shows dedicated to specific personalities and shops. And like all art movements there are those who study, document and analyze tattoos.

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3: From Street Art to Fine Art is a tome, if there ever was one, at over 1,000 pages and weighing 22lbs.

The book traces and documents the evolution of Black and Grey tattooing from its origins on the streets and in the prisons of California to the several distinct modern styles and school.

The work also contains interviews with titans and pioneers of the black and grey style. Far more than your average coffee table book, this collection is sure to help settle any discussions about if tattoos are “art” and will hopefully help a few sorority girls reconsider their desire for a trendy tramp stamp.

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Tattoo: From Street Art to Fine Art