Angelina Jolie To Design Jewelry

Accessories / Celebrity Culture / News / December 6, 2010

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Robert Procop and Angelina Jolie on the set of  The Tourist.
Photo By Patrick Demarchelier

According to WWD, Angeline Jolie, actress, mother of five, and humanitarian, has joined Robert Procop, former chief executive officer of Asprey,  to create a collection of jewelry with statement stones.

WWD’s article states:

Among the collaborative pieces are a pebble-size, pale green 353-carat beryl pendant, in a rose gold setting and worn on a chain of cushion shape beryl stones, and a graphic, tablet-shape 12.02-carat vivid green emerald ring set in rose gold. Procop said Jolie’s design for the emerald was inspired by “ancient tablet engravings,” and is based on a similar design she created with Procop as a gift for her partner, Brad Pitt.

Pieces from the collection will not be sold in stores, but will be sold privately through Procop’s network of clients, with all of the proceeds from the collaborative designs going toward Jolie’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Each piece will be priced individually.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what these two will be able to create together.

Image Via WWD

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Angelina Jolie To Design Jewelry