Spotted: Heidi Klum in Mondo’s Polka Dot Dress

Celebrity Culture / Fashion / November 15, 2010

Remember Project Runway Season 1 when Heidi Klum commissioned its winner, Jay McCaroll to design a red carpet dress for her for the Emmys? Remember on Project Jay how McCaroll HAULED ASS to finish that fire-engine red dress? And then remember how Heidi decided hours before the Emmys that she wasn’t going to wear said dress, and we were like, ooooh, burn? And how McCaroll just cried and cried and cried afterwards?

Remember how much you hated Heidi Klum when you saw the unfinished red dress flapping sadly in the wind in front of the window?


Stylebop GmbH

And then remember like three weeks ago when Heidi swore up and down that she would wear Mondo Guerra’s black polka dot dress and Nina and Michael just laughed and laughed and you and I were like, yeah right, Heidi, we’ve seen this before?

So hey, look guys, Heidi actually keeps her word this time and wears Mondo’s cute evening dress to the premiere of Natalie Portman’s film Black


Remember this moment.

Image Via: The Frisky

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Spotted: Heidi Klum in Mondo’s Polka Dot Dress