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Courtney Love Gets Sued for Lost Jewelry

Last August, Lindsay Lohan made headlines for allegedly stealing $2 million worth of borrowed jewelry from Beverly Hills store, XIV Karats.

Her defense?

Someone broke into her home and stole it from her safe. Obviously, said robber was uninterested in anything else—lap top, watches, electronic gear that was probably out in the open and easily accessible, but rather, went for broke on a locker combination.

Moral of this story, folks? Don’t loan expensive shit to hot messes.

But jewelers (sigh) never learn.

Stylebop GmbH In the latest and greatest on hot messes, Jacob & Co. is suing Courtney Love for $114,000 worth of jewelry that she never returned. Love’s remarkable defense? It’s a doosey, so wait for it—she, um, lost it.

Why, Jacob & Co, why oh why did you loan $100 Gs worth of diamonds to a woman who stripped naked, then put on a trench coat and flashed her boob at the Mercer Hotel during an interview with the New York Times?

This is your fault for being seriously retarded.

And now you’re going to court for it? You know Courtney is just gonna to get out on the twinkie defense.

After all, this is the SAME woman who on VH1 Behind the Music actually said, “Well that’s what happens when I meet somebody and I don’t know if I hate them or like them or what, but I know that I did something — did I f*** them? I don’t know.”

The defense rests, your honor.

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