No Money, No Honey

Famewhores / October 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian wants to celebrate her 30th birthday with you, America! (Who, moi?) Yes, you. No presents required. She’s no gift whore, you know…all Kim wants is $2,500 and you too, can touch her black ass and silky hair. (Eh, probably not.)

No idea if Kim wants the money in cash or check. She’s so modest that way.

Perhaps those savvy, business lessons from Paris Hilton has kicked in. OR, poor Kim is just struggling like the rest of us.

After all, times are tough in this tanking economy when the Cristal bottles are dry. Hey, a girls gotta make a dime some how.

Just when you think capitalism has hit rock bottom.

French Connection (US)

In the meantime, wear something tight and slinky for the party this Friday–$2,500 may get you an invite, but not pass the bouncer.

Image Via Amnesia NYC

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Mei Tan
Mei Tan
Mei Tan is currently obsessed with lace-up booties, anything by Marc Jacobs, sleeping in until noon, and “winning.”

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