Warning: Content may be inappropriate for people with eyesight.

Left to Right: Hysterie Stringstola, Alexander McQueen, Emporio Armani (S/S 2011)

For Spring 2011, our very tan and talented Georgio Armani has got Mankini on his mind. Oooor, he and George Michael (aka George number deux) have become fast friends in the john.

What is so cleverly named the Mankini, is the answer to all of our women prayers of one day finding a man with all the right man parts.

French Connection (US)

Bonus if the guy who sports them has an IQ of at least 80—that is, smart enough to spell the words “meathead,” and dumb enough to walk around with a constant wedgie and get himself a ticket for public indecency.

Oh my God, I feel my heart going humina humina…

Here’s a trend that’s sure to stick around as long as the cast of the Jersey Shore insists on buying them as stocking stuffers.

Can’t imagine what the tan lines are gonna look like.