Yesterday, I was visiting my local Walgreens stocking up on all the Theraflu and cough drops one can hold with one arm, when I spotted this above the Snuggie display:

Surely, I must have been having a mirage…

Am I really seeing a racer leather jacket in Walgreens?

You know, the same Walgreens you stumble to on your liquor fueled nights desperately in search of toilet paper, condoms, and smokes?  Yea, THAT Walgreens.

And mind you, from afar, it’s a leather jacket that looks better than some of the $500 ones I’ve seen at major department stores. I walk closer, convinced that once I get a better look, the jacket will look like it just walked out of a sweatshop in China.



Still looking good.


Ohhhhh, nice stitching…


Is that distressed leather?

Close enough to touch, I run my finger down the sleeve.

Damn! It feels like leather.

Price? $29.99

Fucking Walgreens.

For a moment, just a mere moment, I considered it. I resisted the temptation because as great as $29.99 sounds, I would always be keenly aware of the fact that I got my faux leather jacket from the same place I buy my toilet paper.