What’s Better Than An Iced Out Platinum Jesus Piece?

Style / November 1, 2010

Limited edition pendants and chains of pop culture phenoms, that’s what! Let’s file this under do want, but can’t have, so now I’m cranky.

These intrepid young French men have created a series of neck bling with a random assortment of pop culture icons including: Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson, Grace Jones, Karl Lagerfeld, and Spike Lee. The detail in each piece looks great and the variety of finishes is sure to compliment whatever trendy shirt you have on for the evening.

I am partial to the Karl Lagerfeld all black piece because old Karl is a former chubber who now hates all fatties and loudly proclaims his disgust whenever the subject comes up.

More importantly, one is not likely to get robbed on the subway wearing a Karl Lagerfeld pendant as most hoodlums will have no clue who he is.


A fly Michael Jackson, circa Thriller, piece will get stolen five minutes after leaving the home.

And here’s why I’m cranky. The blog has no instructions on how to acquire said pieces!

Is there anything more annoying than finding something you are obsessed with and having no way to possibly but it, even if it is well outside of your budget?

Images Via Nous Sommes

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What’s Better Than An Iced Out Platinum Jesus Piece?