Where’s Goldilocks?

Fashion / October 18, 2010

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Since when did bears become so fashionable?  I am curious to understand the creative mastermind behind this display window of bears dressed in female frocks. Can’t imagine channeling my inner-bear when I’m trying to be sexy on a date…but maybe if my inner-bear was wearing red pumps…maybe.

Frankly, this begs the question: do they think women want to look cute as bears? Do they want women to want to look cute as bears?

While I’m inclined to say no–I’m in favor of looking like a human being, I’ve been watching those Snuggie ads and I am thoroughly convinced that having to remove my blanket to grab a cup of coffee is uncomfortable and unnecessary.

French Connection (US)

Bears can be adorable, too, I suppose, especially when dolled up in a pretty purple bow on one ear. Though I think the fur vest on bear #2 is redundant—or cruel, depending on whether or not you’ve got PETA on speed dial.

Photo Via Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

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Mei Tan
Mei Tan
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Where's Goldilocks?