I’ve been accused of being a person of low moral standing whenever a bottle of CC is about. And while that may be true, there are good reasons. It is imminently mixable and provides all the basic components of a whisky that you need, slight sweetness, a touch of wood, and the bite of the grain. I’m referring to the classic 6 year old expression that every wino and bon vivant is familiar with – white label with black script on a brown bottle. I prefer my Club mixed with ginger sans fruit. It also makes a perfectly satisfactory mixer in any whisk(e)y cocktail.

And speaking of cocktails, a word of two on the Old Fashioned.

There is much debate and hoopla on the proper way to make said cocktail: scotch, bourbon, rye, whisk(e), muddled fruit (try the truly old school version with pineapple), only citrus peel, served on the rocks or straight up.

Beyond proving yourself a font of cocktail esoterica, one must ask: what’s the point?


When at home, make an Old Fashioned to your personal spec. When in a bar, call the drink the way you prefer and pray your bartender is skilled enough, and properly motivated, to make it is as you specify.

Before I’m off to quench my thirst, here are a few interesting versions of the Old Fashion, and a word or two on Don Draper.

Old Fashioned, Cubed and Syruped

Don Draper, Canadian Club, & The Godfather of Whisky

Bourbon and Birch

The Classic Old Fashioned Revisited