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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is getting an imaginary facelift, thanks to D.C. designer and illustrator Matt Chase who conceptualized what the USPS mail system could look like with his newly designed uniforms, logo, letterhead, business cards, packing tape, shipping labels, mailbox graphics, worker uniforms, stamps, stamp dispensers, notepad, weights & prices brochure, and fleet vehicle graphics.

Remaining true to the American red, white and blue, the 50’s inspired logo looks like it can be lit up and stamped on a jukebox!

Chase revamped the archaic (and let’s face it, boring) emblem by featuring a red banner with two carrier pigeons carrying letters in their beaks.

The new 50’s branding brings us back the nostalgia we’ve been looking for in writing those summer love letters with, you know, actual pen and paper.