Levi’s Collaborates with Museum of Contemporary Art to Produce Trucker Jackets

Levi’s, in celebration of the Art in the Streets exhibition, designed a super-limited collection of ten trucker jackets featuring original artwork from LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Jamie O’Shea curated collection, which will  benefit MoCA programs,  features work from artists Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, and Shepard Fairey, to name a few.

See below to find release dates for the 250 run per-piece jackets, which can be purchased at the Geffen Contemporary at MoCA.

Release 4/17:
Chaz Bojorquez’s Black Trucker (Chaz started writing in 1969)
Crash’s Zap Trucker (Crash started writing in 1975)
Lady Pink’s Women’s Bohemian Trucker (Lady Pink started writing in 1979)

Release 4/23:
Kenny Scharf’s Dark Summit Trucker (Kenny started painting in 1979)

Release 5/14:
Andre’s Rigid Trucker (Andre started painting in 1985)

Release 6/4:
KR’s Black Trucker (KR started writing in 1989)

Release 6/18:
Revok’s Dark Summit Trucker (Revok started writing in 1989)

Release 7/2:
Shepard Fairey’s Dark Summit Trucker (Shepard started posting in 1989)

Release 7/16:
Neck Face’s Black Trucker (Neck Face started writing in 2000)

Release 8/6:
Keith Haring’s Rigid Trucker (Keith starting writing in 1979)