Richard Phillips “Point of Purchase” ExhibitionContemporary artist Richard Phillips, who has collaborated with the likes of Mac Cosmetics, Lacoste, and Jimmy Choo, has continued his history of commercial and artistic partnership through his recent exhibition titled “Point of Purchase”.

Hosted by John Micwhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in East Hampton, Phillips’ marriage of fashion and media through art serves as his own personal pop-culture commentary

Phillips once said, “My pictures involve a kind of wasted beauty – that’s always been a thread in my work”.

A display of his projects dating back to 1999, Phillips’ signature obsession with the lackluster glory of Hollywood is written all over the faces of his subjects.

Edgy images of Taylor Momsen, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Pattinson, and several other modern day celebrities grace everything from handbags to canvasses, some so meticulously detailed, it’s hard to believe they’re not photographs.

The “Point of Purchase” exhibition runs through August 8, 2011 at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller.