Charlotte Free
Model Charlotte Free. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Pink Hair: it’s been a long-time staple of punk culture, but as more celebrities take on the hair color, it has, perhaps, become a part of mainstream culture.

Earlier this year, 19-year old model Charlotte Free graced the fashion show runways with pixie features and vibrant pink locks after being discovered by designer Vivienne Westwood in a Los Angeles arcade.

As Free’s career continues to progress, it’s become clear that her signature hair color is what’s setting her apart from the rest.

In fact, Vogue India has compared her to Kate Moss, and has credited Free for “bringing personality and dash back to the runway.”

Free, who does her own hair, has been dying it pink for the past four years but only recently has become famous for her color choice. “I used to always get shit for it,” she told the Daily Beast in an interview. “It’s kind of strange that now—all of a sudden—it’s very accepted. And it’s not just accepted—it’s everywhere.”

It does seem to be everywhere these days. Singer Katy Perry donned pink hair this past August, while baby pink seems to be the staple for rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Sienna Miller went with a peachy-rose color this fall, and even Barbie has gotten an edgy punk, pink-haired makeover.

Sienna Miller
 Sienna Miller. Photo: Splash News

But is this color craze a fad or will pink become the what was I thinking moment among bad fashion hairdos of the decade?

“We have a lot of request for funky colored tips,” says Lauren Kenny, a colorist at Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood. “For a while shades of lilac and purple were…sought after, but we’re…seeing more pink now… Kate Bosworth, of Blue Crush, just did mint green tips. I think because celebrities are now doing it, non-natural hair color is becoming more mainstream with non-funky people.”

Even Kenny, who’s been with the salon since they opened three years ago, dyed her hair completely pink last week. “I’ve been experimenting with funky colored tips for the past 6 months. But I decided to go all out with cotton candy pink. Having your whole head dyed is a lot of fun!”

The receptionist at Bang Salon in DC however, isn’t quite so sure. “There are some crazy colors coming and going, but I haven’t seen any pink-haired girls leave or make…appointments for pink dye jobs. I have noticed a lot of purple and merlots for fall though, but then I’m also not here every day.”