Chew Your Way to Weight loss

With the holiday season here, Americans have a lot to gain—presents, food…weight.

Sigh, if only food weren’t so delicious, we wouldn’t have to fight so hard not to have that second dinner, or stay on that damn treadmill.

But what if we didn’t?

The researchers out of Syracuse University recently published a study that shows the promise of a weight loss hormone that can be taken orally to lose weight. The hormone, called PYY, is naturally produced in people to tell them that they are full; and studies have indicated that people who are overweight have bodies that generate less of this hormone.

Researchers are developing a gum that is filled with PYY and vitamin B12 (a vitamin that allows for us to ingest PYY orally) with the hopes of helping over-eaters eat less.

God bless technology.

And screw you 12-month gym membership!