MO’s Guide to Perfect—and Protected—Summer Skin  

By now, we all know the utter importance of sunscreen. (We do, right? If not, educate yourself. STAT.)

It helps shield us from skin cancer, ward off wrinkles, maintain much-needed moisture, and just generally slow down the aging process of our pretty, precious hide.

And nowadays, so many products come complete with SPF, there’s no excuse not to avoid those evil ultraviolet rays. Here are five of my favorites.

MAC’s Prep + Prime Beauty Balm
SPF Primer 

I use MAC’s Prep + Prime Beauty Balm every morning during the summer months. It’s a terrific, lightly tinted primer that works wonderfully either with or without foundation (I use it with). And its skin protection factor is 35, so I automatically start my day with full-on face defense.

Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Rosé Lip Block 

Keeping your lips covered is key; whatever lipstick or balm you use should have sunscreen for sure. I love Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Rosé. It’s super moisturizing and has a lovely light tint that gives my lips just a kiss of natural-looking color. It also comes in Sugar Plum–a pretty, pouty light purple—if you’re looking for a bolder color for your smackers this summer.


Tocca’s SPF 30 + Sunscreen Towelettes in Stella Pre-Moistened Protection 

I tote around Tocca’s SPF 30 + Sunscreen Towelettes in Stella all year long, just because they smell great and keep my skin super soft. But during the summer, these on-the-go cloths really cannot be beat. In addition to their SPF, these wipes rock because they’re enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B5, aloe, oat extract, and avocado oil. Stock up now so you can continue to use them when the sun’s no longer scorching.

Clinique’s After-Sun Rescue Balm  

After-the-Fact Fix

So you missed a spot. Or forgot to reapply. Sunburns do happen, even to the most devoted of SPF aficionados. For these (rare!) occasions, I turn to Clinique’s After-Sun Rescue Balm. I like that it’s delicate enough to use on the face as well as body, and it totally prevents that awful peeling punishment. Plus, it’s infused with aloe—the ultimate after-sun soother—and feels so comfortingly cool when applied.

Ouidad’s Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray Hair Care 

Your hair can also be hurt by over exposure to the sun, especially if it’s color treated. (Plus, your scalp needs sunscreen, too!) Avoid dry-out damage with a spritz that’s specifically designed to sunblock your locks. I recommend Ouidad’s Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray, just for the scent alone. (I can’t stop smelling my hair when I wear it and it’s starting to border on weird.) But even more importantly, this stuff protects against harsh summertime elements such as salt, sand, and that awful, chemical-filled color killer known as chlorine.

PS: Do you know the ABCDs of skin cancer? It’s an important alphabet to know, and such a great, easy tool to help you self-screen. Melanoma is essentially 100% curable if caught early, after all.

So don’t ignore that new mole on your elbow or weird bump on your back. Check yourself. Before you wreck yourself.