On a recent trip to London, I was lucky enough to receive a fantastic Anne de Mamiel mega-facial, thanks to one of my fellow beauty editor buds. Because getting an appointment is NOT easy.

I tried the Seasonal Attunement treatment, and left feeling like I had a brand new, totally revitalized complexion.

No joke, it was that good. And I basically broke the bank buying as many products as I could to take home with me.

But after just a few weeks, I was out of it all, and jonesing for more de Mamiel.

I weathered the withdrawals for as long as I could until, duh, I checked to see if her stuff was available online. Problem solved.

Anne de Mamiel’s Summer Facial Oil is amazing. I love that it’s specially formulated for hot-weather issues (there’s also one for winter, when those bloody cold months come back). It hydrates, boots circulation, helps heal skin that’s been overexposed-to-the-elements; the benefits go on and on.

My favorite part?

The chillaxing essential oils. After you apply (4-5 drops to your face), cup your hands, cover your nose and mouth, and breathe. Deeply.

It’s a super stress buster and makes me feel like I’m back at the spa being seasonally attuned by Anne herself.

There are a ton of other benefits to this stuff, as well as a long list of amazing ingredients. A bottle isn’t cheap, but in my book, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Especially if you’re a beauty-loving stress case, like me.