The Beauty Bitch: How Do I Deal With My Super-Sweaty Underarms?

Dear Beauty Bitch,

I have seriously sweaty underarms.

It’s embarrassing and soils my clothes.

What can I do?

Lisa N.

Daphne, AL


Dear Lisa:

A lot of people suffer from overly sweaty underarms, and since it’s such a personal problem, few people talk about it.

Most assume that deodorants and antiperspirants are the only option. Not true!

There’s plenty you can do to help soak up that excess sweat.

According to Webmd, 2-3% of Americans suffer from excessive underarm sweating, which is also known as axillary hyperhidrosis. If your problem is really severe, you may want to see your doctor.

Prescription antiperspirants, as well as oral medications, are available, and recently, Botox was approved by the FDA for treating overly sweaty underarms.

Secret Clinical StrengthBut before you go that far, try some of these OTC options. One of my sweaty friends swears by Secret Clinical Strength.

CertainDri is another option: you apply it several times a week before going to bed. And whatever you use, make sure it is an antiperspirant. Deodorants fight body odor but don’t stop sweat. Antiperspirants plug the sweat glands, which in turn temporarily inhibits perspiration.

You should also always have some quick-fix sweat stoppers handy. They may seem silly, but underarm shields work wonders. At least they did for me on a very hot day when I just HAD to wear my super pretty, but also super easy-to-spot-underarm-sweat, denim dress. Garment Underarm Shields

My favorites are these by Kobayashi because they also deodorize (and the box is super cute).

And speaking of that denim dress, it’s also important to think about wardrobe. Stick to darker colors—most light ones show perspiration more easily.

However, a grey-tee is your biggest enemy. Avoid that color at all costs. And wear fabrics that are light-weight and loose fitting.

As for those clothes that you may have already soiled, check out these tips for cleaning sweat stains.

I hope these tips have helped. Fear not! Your sweaty pits can be a thing of the past.

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