Wendy Nichol’s Funky Feather Hair Extensions

Beauty / June 3, 2011

Accessories designer Wendy Nichol’s feather hair extensions are dominating the scene as the new “it” hair accessory.

Nichol’s feathers come in a wide variety of colors, so it’s easy to pick ones that match your personal style.

There are neutral browns if you want a bohemian kind of look, or you can have funkier colors like purple, yellow, and green.

Go big or small with your extensions; you can sport a giant mane of feathers, as seen on Aerosmith front man Stephen Tyler, or you can have just few here and there to liven up your look.

Quick and painless, Nichols can put these in for you in just ten minutes! Once she figures out the best area to place them in, she folds the clamps-which are lined with silicone so they won’t rip or pull-down around your hair and voila you’re done! Once in, feel free to style them to your liking. They can be curled, straightened, washed, and  you can even blow dry them. The works!

This summer, ditch last season’s tinsel hair extensions and highlights and replace with Nichol’s feather hair extensions.

These chic, cool accessories  last over a month,  and it only cost $45 to have your feather extensions applied. You can get them by either visiting Wendy Nichol’s Soho shop or by placing an order here.

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Wendy Nichol's Funky Feather Hair Extensions