Ice and Coco are the classy couple featured each week on E, where we can watch their love bloom! It is in their show, Ice Loves Coco, that we learn that Ice, does indeed, really love Coco.

For those of you not in the know, Ice landed smokin’ hot lady, Coco who’s 20 years his junior and spends her day half naked and sharing pictures of herself on twitter. She’s a bit of a space brain, but he doesn’t mind. She’s naked. It’s cool. They make photo catalogues of themselves in semi-obscene poses.

In the latest episode, Coco is working on releasing her first album and Ice is helping her lay down the tracks. Coco doesn’t sing, really. (We know, shocking.) She just speaks over a phat beat.

I would think that it would have been difficult for Ice to sit in the studio while Coco recorded, “Shoe Freak,” and whispered softly into a microphone that undoubtedly cost $500 dollars an hour to rent, chirping the chorus: “I love my shoes…I love my shoes…”

Keep in mind that this is the same guy who started the thrash metal band, Body Count which made the controversial single “Cop Killer”…a song about murdering cops.

But there Ice goes, bobbing his head, totally feelin’ it like his boo just made a platinum hit.

A romantic might call him supportive.

A cynic might call him tone deaf.

Either way, those crazy kids are gonna last forever.