Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition / November 25, 2011

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Ebay has an app where you can buy the things you see on TV. Hopefully, they’ll auction off  Ryan Reynolds (via Slashfilm)

Courtney Love is  looking for a personal assistant.  For inquiries, please send resumes to Crazytown, USA (via NY Daily News)

Gingers are scared of the dentist (via Jezebel)

America’s Got Talent wants to hire another no-talent-ass-clown as judge (via New York Post)

Speaking of no talent ass clowns, in Kim Kardashian news, her soon-to-be- ex-husband Kris Humphries has decided to make his divorce increasingly dignified by calling Kim fat (via Gawker)

Aaron Sorkin might write a movie about Steve Jobs (via Slash Film)

Aussie K-Mart stores pulls little girls’ “I heart rich boys” undies from the shelves. Let those tween K-Mart Shoppers dream, Australia (via NYMag)

Rocky The Musical is a go. Cue sigh of exasperation from the musical community (via NYMag)

In shocking news, girls hate other girls (via Jezebel)

Collin Firth auctions himself off for charity. How much will a doughy Englishman go for? (via ONTD)

Angelina Jolie talks about her wild side and indicates she used to be into hard drugs. Spare us. (via People)

Depeche Mode’s new “Personal Jesus” might be Techno (via Rolling Stone)

Watch Miss Piggy on Chelsea Lately (via NYMag)

Michele Bachmann needs to chill. At one point, we all get called a lyin’ ass bitch via Questlove’s beats (via Deadline)

Christian Siriano getting sued by talent agency.  Sources say suit is fierce (via NYMag)

Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen is currently obsessed with Dirty Shirleys, Pauly D's pecks, and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC.

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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition