Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition / December 2, 2011

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Oxymoron of the day: Courtney Love is LiLo’s sobriety coach (via StyleCaster)

Ricky Martin is about to shake his Latin ass on Glee (via TV Line)

Suri Cruise is better than you (via College Candy); and if you don’t believe us, see her Burn Book (via Suri’s Burn Book)

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with that douchebag’s baby again. No way it’ll be half as cute as Mason. (via StyleCaster)

But who cares when we’ve got Stoner Cyrus up in the house (via Vulture)

Since we’re still talking about babies, guess what, they are judging you (via Jezebel)

But so is Patty Stanger, apparently. Check out her evil comments in one video (via Jezebel)

Minnesotans are a passive aggressive folk (via Vulture)

Look! An Audrey Hepburn dress you’ll never fit into (via

Vinny thinks he’s rapping  “like a G” by putting “rape” and “crack” into his lyrics. He’s got a date for you in his pants. (via TMZ)

Apple iPhone and Casey Anthony duke it out for Yahoo!’s number one search term (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Insider Grammy nomination info (via SPIN)

H-O-T Christopher Meloni might move from brass detective to sexy-time vampire (via Vulture)


Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen is currently obsessed with Dirty Shirleys, Pauly D's pecks, and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC.

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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition