Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition / December 16, 2011

Hot Links Pop Culture Edition

Hairspray star, Nikki Blonsky’s latest gig: sweeping up hair at a salon in Long Island–though, don’t fret, her twitter says she’ll “NEVER loose sight of [her] dreams.” Learning to spell also on her agenda. (via yeeah!)

Cameron Diaz is diddling Diddy (via yeeah!)

Calling all Justin Bieber fans, a stalker clinic has opened to help you out (via Style Caster)

Bon Iver is making a workout video? So tune in if you want to be pale and hipster-skinny (via Consequence of Sound)

Now Newt Gingrich is pissing off the Fashion Industry (via Styleite)

Pepper-spraying, Black Friday crazy person is now suing Wal-Mart for their lack of security. Though to defend Wal-Mart, security wasn’t quite prepared for a small woman to give customers a face full of mace. (via NYMag)

Russell Brand gets animated (via Vulture)

Karen O gets married (via Rolling Stone)

Hulk Hogan is accused of having gay love with someone named Brutus Beefcake (via ONTD)

Jessica Simpson may secure possible Weight Watchers deal. You know it’s bad when they approach you, while you’re pregnant, anticipating that you will let yourself go. (via Jezebel)

Man dies from unauthorized penis injection (via Jezebel)

Can you do us a favor and watch, Shit Girls Say. Seriously you guys, it’s amazing. I know, right? Totes. (via Vulture)

Liz Taylor’s jewelry sells for $116 million (via Gawker)

P.S. That’s the same amount you’d have to pay me to go on R. Kelly’s new cruise. Just think of all the freaky shit up in that ship (via Vulture)

AHH!! Nerdy ginger set to take over the world by giving away his sperm for free (via Gawker) AND making a fleet of nerdy ginger babies that resemble their leader. Check out his spawn:


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Caroline Cullen
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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition