Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

John Legend marries a supermodel (via Rolling Stone)

Lady Gaga gets sued by her own assistant (via Rolling Stone)

Sinead O’Connor’s marriage breaks up over crack (via Vulture)

Hef and Crystal tussle over a puppy. Crystal, he’s 85, let him keep the god damn puppy (via

Ever had a cocktail (or four), shopped online, and forgot about it until small packages of various sizes arrived a couple days later? Retailers are onto us. (via Jezebel)

Two movies added to National Film Registry. Hint: one is about a man named Forrest, the other is about a baby deer in the forest.  (via LA Times)

Zoe Saldana snags “Sexiest Man Alive.” We’re still waiting on that recount, People. (via E!Online)

GQ: Jared Leto the worst dressed man in the world. Ouch. (via digitalspy)

Japan wants you to poo in a $130,000 sparkly seat for the holiday season (via Jezebel)

When band members fight, they use the internet (via Stereogum)

So does dipshit Kutcher. Apparently, Ashton tweeted photos of  the poor-man’s Demi that he is currently dating (via Jezebel)

Russell Brand files for divorce from Katy Perry. We knew that crazy-eyed Brit couldn’t get tied down for long (via E!Online)

Anthony Weiner comin’ in hot as numero uno twitter controversy this year. In sum: Someone hacked into my computer. That’s not my weiner.  Yes it is.  I’m sorry. Cue blubbering and disgrace. (via Time)

Shit Vegans say, other than “Mmm, bean curd” and “No eggs for me thanks, a**hole.” (via REFINERY29)

Taylor Lautner out of the closet.  We kid, we kid, says People Mag cover plagiarizing prankster. Though you were mildly surprised and mostly indifferent, weren’t you? (via The Blemish)