Hot Links: Culture Report

Are you wearing a Hugo Boss suit today? Now you and Hitler Youth have something in common… (via Styleite)

Salahis are getting divorced–Tareq threatening Michaele with big time debt, though he wouldn’t have been so pissed if she had cheated with the guitarist from Def Leppard (via The Frisky)

You crazy for this one Jay—HOVA designs NBA jerseys (via CocoPerez)

Nancy Grace pulls a Janet Jackson on DWTS (via NYmag)

Elton John making biopic about his life—huge sunglasses, polka dot suit, and pink feather boa sold separately (via Consequence of Sound)

Pauly D. is taking a break from the turntables to sell you shitty orange tanning lotion—Perfect timing cause I just got the blowout right (via Racked)

Oprah hosts a 3-hour block called Super Soul Sunday –cause she hasn’t met enough celebrities and world leaders—hoping to see her chest bump Nelson Mandela after sacking Michelle Obama (via Deadline)

Many faces of Amy Poehler (via Oh!NoTheyDidn’t)

Now even freaky Scientologists can find each other online, this is good, it’ll keep ‘em off of (via Jezebel)

Celebrities as Russian generals, seriously (via

Living peeps can be on stamps now, I guess the Postal Service really does need some cash flow (via The New York Times)

Some woman tries to sell $10 Missoni Target rain boots for 30 G’s (via Refinery 29)

Find out the kind of people who would pee in your shower (via The Frisky)

Sesame Street nails Glee—and teaches kids “G” is for “Gyrate,” What? (via Vulture)

No, Jessica Simpson is not fat. She’s just pregnant (via In Touch)