Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Sometimes dressing your three-year old like Pretty Woman is cute, even if evil saleswomen won’t let you shop (via Styleite)

One company’s mission to keep Jewish weenies in the bedroom kosher (via Jezebel)

Why old people and technology never mix (via Vulture)

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just gotta get Gorilla on people’s asses (via Nymag)

Is J. Lo’s new love completely Limitless? Get it? (via Yeeeah!)

Apparently no amount of rap music or quarterbacks can make Man Uggs cool (via HuffPost)

R.E.M. Frontman Michael Stipe’s wardrobe malfunction (via Nymag)

Joe Jonas is not asexual, apparently. (via Gawker)

Bridget Jones’ Diary returns for a third installment and most likely with the same plot line (via DigitalSpy)

Speaking of boring, here’s the new Twilight teaser (via DigitalSpy)

Facebook gets cliquey (via Gawker)

Looks like we lost our shot to get reasonably sized clothing items at Target (via HuffPost)

One reporter articulates inarticulately why dudes don’t like the Kardashians (via Buzzfeed)

Another reminder–if you needed one–of why Anderson Cooper is not straight. (via AolTV)

Scar-Jo is a ho-ho with her mo-bile (via Yahoo! News)

NBC announces new show in the works called My Best Friend is a Lesbo to alert Tea baggers of when they might need to change channels (via Nymag)

Hey guys, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is back! Remember him….no? (via