Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition / October 6, 2011
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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Today’s show brought to you by the letter “R”…for Recession. Poor and hungry Muppet featured on Sesame Street (you’d think Cookie Monster could have spared a few treats) (via Gawker)

Getting a job is hard in this economy, especially when people keep posting stupid shit on Facebook  (via BuzzFeed)

The Simpsons might be cancelled due to financial trouble, and America responds with, “That’s still going?” (via Reuters)

Stop the f*&#ing famine in Somalia goddamnit, says celebrities (via Jezebel)

Vulture makes Ben and Jerry’s ice cream inspired by Arrested Development (HuffPost)

Justin Bieber-Mariah Carey remake “All I Want for Christmas is You” (via HuffPost)

On a related note, we think this is why people in Peru wanna kill Bieber (via Idolator)

Kelly Clarkson gets dumped and makes another power ballad. She and Taylor Swift are now BFFs (via Idolator)

Jesse James cheats again; Kat Von D gets another tat of a Pin-Up Girl next to a coy fish (only one of these is true, betcha can’t figure out which one) (via Yeeah!)

Proof that the Olsen twins can sell anything to the public (via Gawker)

Proof that Kim K. can only sell her sexy tape to the public (via NyMag)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo without having to read Swedish words, plus the added bonus of Daniel Craig (via SlashFilm)

Nestlé advertises to dogs (via AdWeek)

And speaking of dogs, one bitch is scared sh*tless of Julia Roberts (You Tube)

Seth Rogen locks it down (via SF Chronicle)

Ashton Kutcher needs to lock it up (via HuffPost)

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Caroline Cullen
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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition