Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Market to men all you want, Dr. Pepper. You can’t keep women away from your sugary low calorie drinks. (via USA Today)

YouTube tutu-wearing-British-rapping-youngins with Nicki Minaj on Ellen (via Us Weekly)

Betty White’s getting in on the rap game too (via Digital spy)

Meanwhile, Georgetown puts their diamonds up and teaches a class about Beyonce’s baby’s daddy (via Consequence of Sound)

Ben Stiller gives you even one more reason not to be a “V Neck Guy” (via Fashionista)

Sometimes it’s hard being a model. And no, this is not a zombie’s foot (via NyMag)

Speaking of models, there’s nothing like girls walking aggressively while showing their Victoria’s Secrets to get Kanye and Adam Levine to come running (via Idolator)

Sometimes Johnny Depp falls down drunk when he’s not dressed as a pirate captain (via Yeeeah!)

What? Singing in English wasn’t good enough for Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anne Hathaway? (via NY Mag)

Didn’t know sneaks from Foot Locker gave people Os, but the rules are different in Europe (via Jezebel)

Mischa Barton has some guy’s meat on her face (via ONTD)

Javier Bardiem is bringing his hot, scary, villainy self to the next James Bond movie (via Vulture)

Chynna Phillips kicked off DWTS, said it’s all a popularity contest and voters should focus on the dancing. We’re thinking she should have focused on her popularity, or should have danced better (via HuffPost)

Whitney Houston caused a scene on a plane. Yes it’s disappointing, but not as disappointing as the fact that she was flying Delta (via TMZ)