Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

The James Franco/Anne Hathaway botch really made the Academy reach this year (via Oh No They Didn’t!)

Ryan Gosling seen with hot cougar at Disneyland (via Us Weekly)

Another reason for why Americans are fat (via Gawker)

Vivienne Westwood is in trouble and no, it’s not her hair (via CocoPerez)

Blondie from 30 Rock out-sexies Rihanna (via HuffPost)



TSA is sick of smelling other people’s feet (via Gawker)

Southwest Airlines attendant really doesn’t want to see Billie Joe Armstrong’s junk (via Rolling Stone)



Beyonce wore maternity pants at the VMA’s for no reason, and could have lost the sparkly blazer too (via Digital Spy)

People are paying tickets at a price of $28 for adults and $16 for kids plus airfare to London to see something they can Google (via Styleite)

Venues and celebs are DTF, a.k.a. Down to Fund: DJ Pauly D’s shows for $40,000, and that’s what’s up, bro (via NY Mag)

Why God doesn’t like Snooki’s t*ts and why an Italian priest thinks she a ho (via Digital Spy)

Russian Marketing campaign has candy and bad intentions–Find out what they’re selling young girls with the tagline: “If you’re not allowed, but you really want it, then you can have it!”(via HuffPost)

Meanwhile, Carine Roitfeld is over cigs in her ad campaigns (via Fashionista)



Blake Shelton violates a Kenny Loggins song (via Idolator)

Speaking of music violations, Madonna is releasing a new album (via Consequence of Sound)

Oh, and she’s in a legal battle over a slutty juniors clothesline (via WWD)