Beyonce is Preggars: If you liked it then you shoulda putta baby in it (via HuffPo)

Banging for Bucks: Gay dudes are turning tricks for tuition (via HuffPo)

Kim Kardashian rolls around in grease, flashes her ASSets on fours, and calls it a video. Wait where’s Ray J? (via Gawker)

Snooki may have her own clothing line:  Smush wear that lets people know you’re DTF. Here’s hoping for handbags full of fried pickles and leopard print clothing sure to show your kooka (via CocoPerez)

Sears and this t-shirt think that young girls are too pretty to do their homework ( via Stylite)

Sinead O’Connor is looking for a good f**k…or a few good cucumbers (via NYMag)

On a related note, a woman mistakenly buys a piece of wood disguised as an iPad, a.k.a another thing Sinead O’Connor would probably bang: (via Gawker)

That also reminds us that Chaz Bono will put his new Bono on DWTS (via

Just when you thought Johnny Depp was done with rum and his pirate shenanigans, he comes out with The Rum Diary (minus the pirate outfit) (via IndieWire)

Just What You Needed: The Strokes cover The Cars (via Consequence of Sound)

One more reason to want to put Joseph Gordon-Levitt in your pocket (via Consequence of Sound)

Taiwanese CGI masterminds, NMA shockingly don’t like…big butts and they cannot lie…or American Apparel for that matter (via Racked)

And speaking of inappropriateness, investors are bailing on Dov Charney. Like we didn’t see this coming (via The Cut)

Daryl Hannah pulls a Salahi and gets in troubs with the executive branch (via NYMag)