The cover of Al-Shamikha magazine

Say what? A Jihadist fashion magazine?


File this under “news that you thought was a joke but really isn’t.”

Word is that Al-Qaeda has launched a women’s electronic fashion magazine, called Al-Shamikha  (meaning the majestic woman), that focuses on beauty tips, fashion advice and…wait…for…it…suicide bombings.

The first issue of the 30-page magazine offers its readers articles like, how to wear and detonate your explosive vest, how to keep your face covered to keep a ‘clear complexion’,  dating advice for ‘marrying a mujahideen’, and oh-so-much-more for that special kind-of-terrorizing-gal.

Check out a blurb from Al-Shamikha’s  first editorial which explains the magazine’s goal:

Because women constitute half of the population – and one might even say that they are the population since they give birth to the next generation – the enemies of Islam are bent on preventing the Muslim woman from knowing the truth about her religion and her role, since they know all too well what would happen if women entered the field of jihad.

The magazine’s first cover features the barrel of a sub-machine gun next to a picture a woman in a veil.

The publication, which was released recently by the al Qaeda-affiliated Al Fajr Media Centre, is currently available online.