Where’s the Beef? Taco Bell Says It’s In There

News / April 26, 2011

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Taco Bell After filing a lawsuit against fast food restaurant  Taco Bell alleging that their tacos were made with 35 percent real beef, the Alabama-based law firm that filed the claim suddenly dropped the charges.

Taco Bell’s response?

Just a subtle full page ad in the LA Times, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal telling the law firm to just say sorry.

In bold, purple print.

Way to take the win gracefully, Taco Bell.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell "Sorry" Ad


Terri McCray

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  • Reese Greer

    Well, from your standpoint, Taco Bell just can’t win, can they? I’ll have to say they could have handled it in worse ways. This, however, was their way of saying, “told ya so” while rubbing the law firm’s collective nose in their own mess and I can’t say as I blame them. The lawsuit was frivolous and far to public. It was not all the doing of the lawfirm, however, but as much, if not more so, the work of the media (like the aforementioned LA/NY Times and WSJ)
    So, should Taco Bell just lie down and take their lumps and let the public believe their products were inferior? This is survival mode. The is a global company whose credibility and integrity had been called into question and their bottom line was affected by that. If somebody says something negative about you and makes it a public issue and it affects your lifestyle and your general way of life overall, do you, once the dust settles and you are found blameless of the accusations, just sit back and say, “glad that’s over with”? You may have had to sell your house and your car and you lost your job and are working for a fraction of your previous pay but you just heave a sigh of relief and let it be? Most people would not and, in the corporate world, what affects the company’s bottom line also affects the rank and file. Not only do people not get raises, some people don’t get hired and some get laid off. I should think corporations like Taco Bell are entitled to let the public know they have been vindicated – even if it means a little gloating.
    And … yeh … maybe those behind the legal action SHOULD have publicly apologized!

    • meetsobsession

      Good points, Reese. If you don’t stand up for yourself, no one will.This was probably the best option for the fast-food chain, as sometimes the most damaging part is just being accused.

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Where’s the Beef? Taco Bell Says It's In There