“I’ve been hacked” or “I sent my sack”?

Generally I stray from politics when it comes to writing, but I think one of the best days of my life occurred when Congressman Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his weener to some chick on the internet.

First, intensely, rudely, avidly, he denied it. Days later, sadly, pathetically, he admitted it, and it turns out, the story is worse than we thought. Weiner sent these photos (some photos sans the grey boxer briefs I hear) to several young strangers on the internet!

But let’s be honest, he’s not the first congressman to entice folks with a grainy pic. Was it not GOP Representative Chris Lee who mysteriously resigned after sending a picture himself flexing in the mirror to a woman on Craigslist? And then there’s Brett Favre, who thought it best to keep on his white athletic socks and nerdy sports watch when sending a photo of his *ahem* to a reporter who broadcasted the image to the world.

Guys, let’s talk about this.

Despite what you think, congressman/famous athlete man, most women don’t think that receiving a picture of your “little man” is awesome. Most women probably see this picture, scream, and throw their phones in the toilet. It’s like if someone sent you a picture of a really big spider, or a scary clown.

How would you react?

So Congressman Weiner, seeing your bulge in a pair of grey briefs isn’t “hot.” Maybe because you’re a public figure, you should chill out on putting your camera phone/webcam near your privates. This will save you from having four press conferences about it, and Rachel Maddow asking you how you will overcome your newfound creepiness.

You don’t see a ton of women sending their hoohas and getting caught (unless you’re Britney Spears).

Or maybe you men do it because you’re named Dick, and this confuses you. Hell, the surname of our Speaker of the House is Boehner.

It’s just everywhere you turn!

It’s not like women are named Crotch, or Vag.

I think you men and boys want to remind us that you have weeners, because, you know, women have short term memories.

Anyway, I’m glad we had this talk. Thanks, Mr. Weiner for bringing this to light. I couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job.

Can’t wait for the next election!