TLC, Bravo and MTV never get tired of competing for who can have the most trainwrecks produced by their reality machines.

The prize goes to TLC, who just upped the ante with the debut of “Where Are They Now?”, a show which tracks down subjects from previous seasons of  “My Strange Addiction” to see if they still have their strange and sometimes shocking addictions POST-reality TV.

Is the girl who eats couch cushions, still chowing down on her furniture?

How about the real life “Lars” from “Lars and the Real Girl”?  Did he get a doll divorce, or is he still loving every bit of plastic from his real life doll wife?

Or, how about the girl who sleeps with her blow dryer, while on?  Did she burn down her house yet?

You’re soon to find out.

Check out the video below to see the famous bra eater, the woman who eats toilet paper, the guy who loves his doll maybe a little too much, and other people who will make you feel better about yourself.

MSASPECIAL by samiam2546