Jane Lynch and Bill Maher have inched into the final frontier with Weinergate 2011 (as compared to the memorable Weinergates of 2010, 2009, and my favorite, 1907).

Have they managed to do the most overplayed news story of 2011 in a new and original way?

Oh, have they ever!

Bill Maher, the sometimes infuriating moderator of Real Time, decided to do a dramatic reading on his show of those sexually-charged and a tad bit embarrassing (if not for content, for simply wording) texts on his show. He recruited Jane Lynch, Glee goddess and future host of the Emmys and a woman with a knack for impeccable timing and scary perkiness.

What transpires in these few minutes is a  hilarious moment of highly NSFW comedy.  Check it out for yourself below and see WHY these jokes might be fresh for one more week.