300 H&M Factory Workers Faint

Photo: ntr23

We know shopping at H&M can be a bit overwhelming (especially with those low prices and racks of trendy clothes), apparently, so can the sharp and bitter smell of some of the company’s clothes that are being produced in their factories worldwide.

According to Reuters, close to 300 workers at an H&M factory in Cambodia fainted last week after being “overwhelmed” by a smell coming from a recently manufactured batch of clothes.

And this wasn’t the first time that workers have fainted.

Union representatives and workers have speculated that the fainting spells were due to poor working conditions in the factory that included the lack of ventilation and possible exposure to chemicals.

A labor leader representative told the Phnom Post that the cause of the fainting also could be related to sleep deprivation and malnutrition.  “They don’t get enough sleep and they don’t get enough to eat so they are susceptible to fainting,” he said.

H&M, the UN’s International Labor Organization and the Cambodian government are investigating the causes further.