Acrylic Manicure Fingernail Jewelry

Accessories / May 26, 2011

Oops, I’ma go, nails like whoa/Acrylic base, top all gold.

These lyrics from Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails” were the inspiration for artist, Islay Taylor to turn acrylic nails into fashion accessories.

Yes, she uses real acrylic nails.

Taylor creates cool and eccentric designs by hand-painting fake nails and placing them into bezels. She explains on her blog that her goal is to take boring, every day things and turn them into fabulous accoutrements.

Mission accomplished, Taylor. Who else would have ever looked at fake nails and thought, “Hmm, those would make awesome rings.”

Apart from being jewelry, her pieces are real works of art. These brass knuckle acrylic nail rings are the epitome of creativity. They are cute, and a tad quirky. And while I feel that they would be better if they came as just one ring, I must keep in mind that these rings were inspired by a rap song, after all, so it just makes sense that they would be gangsta-fied.

The rings come as two or three finger, gold-plated bronze knuckle duster rings. To find these street chic rings, and add a wow factor to your wardrobe, visit

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Acrylic Manicure Fingernail Jewelry