Hermes Makes a Bag for Your Fruit

Accessories / June 6, 2011

High fashion fruit; at least that’s what Hermés seemed to be going for with their new Apple Purse.

Fashioned in the shape of a Granny Smith Apple, the green lambskin leather bag opens in the middle, and is solidified in its apple shape with a leaf and stem on top.

Inside, a stainless palladium case protects your cargo from being squished or smashed.

Because really, who wouldn’t want to carry a .99 cent piece of fruit in a $365 bag?

Hermés, which hit the (apple?) on the head this season as runways were filled with fruit couture, added a little something special to their design.

For the fashionista that doesn’t mind sharing her goods, the Apple Purse comes equipped with a knife holder and actual knife, meant for cutting the apple inside.

And with that, high-priced, luxury fashion truly meets function. What will they think of next?


Catherine Toor

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Hermes Makes a Bag for Your Fruit