As cliché as the 90’ Spice Girls slogan ‘Girl power!’ is, it fits the women of Nairobi, Kenya perfectly.

Thanks to Vivienne Westwood and the Ethical Fashion Programme (EFP), 7,000 women living in extreme poverty can improve their lives by producing Westwood’s designer bags made from recycled materials.

These materials range from safari tents to advertisement banners, fitting the old adage “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”.  The treasure for these women–most of whom are either victims of HIV/AIDS, single mothers, or widows–is a chance to work in an ethical environment and support their family and community.

The women can now pay for medical and schooling bills as well as put their new craft to use in the future. Many of them hope to continue making bags and one day start their own companies.

Their determination is beyond inspiring, and the bags are beautiful. You can make a guilt-free purchase here knowing that the profits will benefit so many people.