Dov Charney’s American Apparel: “Teenagers Do It Better”

Just when we thought American Apparel CEO Dov Charney had reached his pervert threshold comes the release of new American Apparel t-shirt tagged with the slogan “Teenagers Do it Better (EY!)”.

American Apparel teamed up with the controversial fashion magazine Electric Youth! to  design the teenaged shock-worthy shirts. Unsurprisingly, Electric Youth! also has had its fair share of attention due to its pages that have been laden with underage models in not-so-wholesome poses and states of undress.

Gimmick or not, it seems that either these shirts were not very well thought out, or Charney is a marketing genius who is getting his brand some attention by embracing his pervyness and sexual harassment charges.

Regardless, American Apparel has, if nothing else, built a brand based on pushing the envelope; and even a t-shirt with a cryptic, insensitive one-liner is serving its purpose, one way or another.

After all, we’re talking about it, aren’t we?

Saron Olkaba

Saron is a writer and student born in Ethiopia and raised in Washington, DC. She is incapable of keeping a phone for longer than a few months, exclusively wears Miss. Dior Cherie, and her guilty pleasures include any novel written by V.C. Andrews (don’t judge), Essie’s “Little Brown Dress", and Stoli. She is currently obsessed with the poetry of Edmund Wilson and The Arctic Monkey’s latest album “AM”.