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After their controversial feature of slave earrings, Vogue Italia remains the talk of the town with this month’s avant-garde issue featuring 40-year-old model, Stella Tennant, whose waist was digitally cinched to a mere 13 inches for the cover photo.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, the cover was inspired by corset-lover, Ethel Granger, who still holds the Guinness world record for the smallest modified waist.

Tennant looks dark and moody dressed in a black Prada coat, huge nose ring and oh, her freakishly corseted waist.

Um, so was Tim Burton on the set?

Tennant’s editorial was shot in black and white and featured the British model dressed in corsets designed by eco-friendly designer, Deborah Milner.

Avant-Garde or not, we’re guessing the whole 13-inch waist thing might send a bad message to impressionable girls.