Catherine Maladrino and Elie Tahari

Catherine Malandrino (Left) and Elie Tahari (Right). Courtesy Photos.

Many speculations have been floating around recently about the Catherine Malandrino label.

First, there were rumors that their employees weren’t getting paid, then the brand was missing at New York Fashion week and now, it’s rumored that the brand is close to closing down.

Famous for bringing Parisian chic designs to Manhattan and guest appearing on fashion reality shows like Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, Catherine Malandrino’s brand is very close to being purchased, and  possibly saved by the luxury fashion brand Elie Tahari, according to WWD.

Sources say that since 2010, Malandrino has been looking for an investor in hopes of turning the company around.

Hoping that investment-banking firm Kellwood would be that turnaround, talks for the deal began, only to fall apart two months later.

Elie Tahari’s deal appears more realistic since Tahari himself wants to expand his business, possibly because rival Andrew Rosen has invested in many fashion brands like Olivier Theyskens and Proenza Schouler.

Already having new stores and ecommerce, the Tahari brand believes that Malandrino’s loyal fans, standalone stores and overlapping consumer base could possibly assist in the business expansion.

It appears all is fair in fashion and business, as investors and fashion brands race to expand—also survive—to be on top.