What were you wearing on your feet at 5-years old?  If you’re anything like us, your childhood shoe collection was more likely to include Velcro sneakers with Disney princesses on them than designer pumps.

While Velcro was our parents’ solution to our inability to tie our own shoe laces, Katie Holmes uses a different technique.

Her adorable 5-year old daughter, Suri Cruise, matches her designer wardrobe with a bright array of high-end high heels, no tricky shoelaces in sight!

Suri’s shoe collection is reportedly worth over $150,000, which is more than the price of a home in many parts of the country, making her one well-heeled little fashionista.

Katie has custom shoes ordered for her dear daughter’s little piggies from designers like Marc Jacobs and even Christian Louboutin!  Most grown women will never be able to afford the luxury of custom designer pumps, let alone several pairs, but Suri insists on wearing heels all the time.

Maybe being shadowed by the paparazzi’s lens can have that affect on a child?

Or maybe it is just mom taking advantage of her celeb status to make sure her kid is downright enviable, but she might be toeing the line of good taste with such an extravagant array of grown up shoes for such a young girl.

While Suri is an exceptionally pretty kid and always very well dressed, we have to wonder if it’s healthy or even appropriate for a child so young to be so well versed in designers, when she couldn’t possibly grasp the value of a Manolo versus the latest at Target.

Perhaps Katie thinks that learning to walk in heels at a young age could be good practice for later in life.

What you you think? Too much too young or approximately perfect for a 5-year old?