Do you ever have a WTF moment when shopping in Forever 21? Sometimes the feeling arises when you pick up a chintzy necklace or a pair of poorly made sunglasses.

Well, now you can share these moments with Rachel Kane, the author of the now infamous blog WTForever 21.

On her blog, Kane discusses the best and worst designs of Forever21 with humor and sass.

However, Forever 21 isn’t laughing.

When the company received word of her blog, they sent her a “cease and desist” letter to remove the blog immediately or risk being sued by the company.

Kane, for now, has kept her site up, but stopped her Forever21 posts, and has started a legal fund to fight back.

According to sources, the company’s main concern with Kane’s blog pertained to their public image, and how the acronym of “WTF” could negatively affect public perception and sales.

While one arguably could understand Forever 21’s views, it would seem that they are going to extreme lengths to stop one girl who is exercising her freedom of speech. Kane herself admits to owning quite a few pieces from Forever 21 and is allowed to form her own opinion.

What do you think? Do you think Kane should be allowed to continue posting her thoughts, or should Forever 21 continue to pursue their legal action?