Get 30% Off At Gap by Cleaning Out Your Closet

Fashion / May 26, 2011

In these hard economic times people will do anything to save a buck, and Gap has recognized that in revealing plans for their newest gimmick charitable initiative.

From May 19th to May 29th you can go into your local Gap store and get rewarded for cleaning out your closet by receiving and additional 30% off of your total purchases for the day.

If you’re looking for some extra incentive to dig through your wardrobe and weed out some of those not-so-cute items that have been festering a season too long; or, maybe you’re thinking penance? What better way to ease your conscious and save a few bucks than donating your old threads to Good Will?

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Saron Olkaba
Saron Olkaba
Saron is a writer and student born in Ethiopia and raised in Washington, DC. She is incapable of keeping a phone for longer than a few months, exclusively wears Miss. Dior Cherie, and her guilty pleasures include any novel written by V.C. Andrews (don’t judge), Essie’s “Little Brown Dress", and Stoli. She is currently obsessed with the poetry of Edmund Wilson and The Arctic Monkey’s latest album “AM”.

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Get 30% Off At Gap by Cleaning Out Your Closet