Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Study says Democrats like comedy shows, Republicans like shitty reality shows (via omg!)

Speaking of shitty Republicans, Herman Cain prefers Pokémon (via

Gene Simmons calls Madonna a karaoke singer and doesn’t want her to perform at the Super Bowl.  Maybe he should just be grateful that it’s not Nickelback. (via Idolator)

Europeans are trying to steal George Clinton’s funkadelic-ness (via

Janice Dickinson should shut her enormous trap or Tyra might slap a bitch (via NYMag)

LiLo’s Playboy cover is all over the internets. (Side note: Lilo might be blonde on top, but we all know the truth.) (via Gawker)

Oh how the mighty have fallen: Tom Cruise’s peeps hire fake screaming fans for his arrival in Mumbai (via ONTD)

Another reason why Americans are obese: People like m-shopping. Yes, they are too lazy to say the whole name—mobile-shopping. (via NYMag)

Check out the new Rock and Roll Hall of Famers (via Rolling Stone)

40 definitive tweets of 2011 (via BuzzFeed)

Smoking is bad for your lungs, your teeth and…your nipples? (via the Frisky)

Kristen Wiig may have snagged herself a drummer (via NEW YORK POST)

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart may have just starred in the worst movie in America. Luckily for us, someone has rewritten it and pointed out that her entire performance looked like she has been “trying to silently fart.” Oh no he di’n’t! (via