John Galliano

John Galliano’s fate was decided today in a Parisian Court.

The verdict?  Guilty as charged.

The 50-year-old British designer (formerly for Dior and his eponymous label) was on trial for making anti-Semitic and racist statements.

Galliano admitted drug and alcohol abuse was why he made his “I Love Hitler” comments. In France, insulting a person based on their race or religion is a crime.

The punishment for Galliano?

A fine of $23,200 in court fees as well as a suspended $8,400 fine. The maximum charge for a crime like Galliano’s is a fine  around $32,000 and 6 months in jail.

If you’re thinking his punishment was a slap on the wrist, consider this: The $24,600 fine Galliano must pay, pales in comparison to the price Galliano has already paid for making foolish statements publicly.

He’s lost his job, his reputation, his career, probably friends, and Padmé called him disgusting, publicly. Not to mention his record is forever stained.

Will he rebound? Who knows?  Like the rest of us, Galliano IS replaceable.

But as disgusting as his comments were, I must say, thank God we live in America where we can say what we want freely.