Courtesy Photo: Facebook | Nicola Formochetti photographed by photo by Branislav Jankic

Nicola Formichetti, creative director of the French fashion house, Mugler, has announced that he will be launching his own brand.

While Formichetti kept mostly mum on the details, he did say that a preview of his brand will be available during the opening of his pop-up store, “NICOLA’S,” which will open September 8-21 during New York Fashion Week. Housed in New York’s Tribeca district, “NICOLA’S” will feature 12 burgeoning designers from China and a few special pieces that he created specially for his muse, Lady Gaga.

Formichetti–the ever-forward thinker–discussed his thoughts about the future of fashion, and its move to digital media. “For me, the digital approach is very important, it’s the future,” he said in his interview with Milk Studios. “But we should not forget about our reality, the physical world. We always need to embrace new things, but never be dependent on them. There will be fashion magazines on paper and on-line. The fashion industry as a whole will shift towards digitalism too. I don’t really know how, but it’ll be great! I love change!”

Hmmm…perhaps this would be an indication that the creative director will be putting on quite a digital show in Tribeca next month!