Christian Louboutin Shoes

What does the thousand year old practice of Chinese foot binding have in common with Christian Louboutin?

The creation of exquisitely beautiful, expensive, and ornate death-traps on heels.

The idea of binding one’s foot and wedging it into a 3” long shoe seems inhumane, yet it happened for centuries in China where feet were broken and dismantled to fit into the culture’s most coveted dainty shoes.

Such sacrifice for beauty doesn’t seem so antiquated when looking at the latest shock-worthy pumps in high fashion.

In our modern, post-feminist, western world of designer fashion, some footwear seems incredibly similar to the medical torture devices known to women in China centuries ago.

With Swarovski encrusted stilettos over 8” high, Louboutin’s stunning ballet inspired masterpieces, auctioned off to benefit the English National Ballet, are works of art that would surely topple any woman who dared to try and walk in them.

Other designers, too, have sent models tumbling down runways for years showcasing their incredible architectural, sculptural and embellished shoes.

While these $1000 and over shoes may not be practical, the towering creations would look right at home on a glass pedestal alongside the embroidered silk slippers of fashion’s past.